Building an Outbound Sales Strategy With Trent Dyrsmid

Trent DyrsmidIn this episode we speak to Trent Dyrsmid from Bright Ideas about internet marketing and more specifically, his progression in the dental marketing agency niche.

Trent is the founder of, a resource that shares the insights of marketing professionals they’ve interviewed.


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A little more about Wes:

  • Started Durand Systems in 2001
  • Durand Systems got listed on the Profit 100
  • Sold Durand Systems for 1.2 million dollars

Trent’s plan:

  • Won’t create a new blog, just a new landing page
  • Split test post cards and 3-D mail that will drive them to a landing page
  • Landing page asks for more information and in return provides free webinar
  • Call to action at the end of the webinar

Outbound Lead Attraction:

  • People want to work with who they perceive to be the best
  • Use outbound to generate leads, but content to close
  • If you contact people 6 times in 12 days you have 98% chance to get through to them

Final Thoughts:

  • Pick a niche with a high customer value
  • Infusionsoft is the backend of Trent’s marketing funnel

Trent’ Website Bright Ideas

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  • Joseph Hughes

    Fantastic episode, guys. I took a solid page of notes on Trent’s tactics, and I completely agree that inbound will build a solid business, but most businesses need some outbound lead attraction to accelerate growth.

    • Jake Hower

      Thanks @josephhughes:disqus, Trent was awesome on this episode. I love how simple he makes it.

  • Trent Dyrsmid

    Joseph, I agree that, if done correctly, some outbound can definitely provide a boost early on. In fact, we are using direct mail for our agency right now…but the volume is very low and the cost per piece is very high due to the nature of what we are sending.