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Wes-SchaeferIn this episode we speak to Wes Schaefer from Infusionsoft about automating your marketing campaigns.

Wes is a consultant and expert of Infusionsoft, the only all-in-one sales and marketing automation software for small businesses that combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce


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A little more about Wes:

  • Had worked in corporate sales for many years until he heard about Infusionsoft
  • Started The Sales Whisperer in 2008
  • Currently Infusionsoft certified consultant of the year

Typical automation needs:

  • Most people have no automation system
  • They cannot layout their process from driving traffic, capturing leads, educating the lead, setting firm appointments, making the sale, delivering, upselling, and to finally securing testimonials.
  • They also don’t have an ideal automation system that they would like to have happen

Infusionsoft capabilities:

  • Can help clients with any part of the marketing process
  • Can create and maintain the entire marketing campaign
  • Infusionsoft provides 22 free campaigns

Marketing campaigns everyone should install:

  • Contact Us
  • Lead magnet (ie. free report, free video, free mp3)
  • Long time nurture (Wes has a humorous email sent every month)
  • Live Events (ie. trade show or networking at the local Chamber of Commerce)
  • Internal form for new prospect or for updating existing contact

Final comments:

  • Use the system the way it was built
  • Create good content that resonates with viewers and do it over and over again

Wes’ Companies:

The Sales Whisperer

Other Links: