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Build Stronger Engagement with Your Subscribers Using This Simple Strategy

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Episode Transcript:

Hi guys. Jake here from The Multimedia Marketing Show and I thought I’d go behind the scenes again to show you through a new process that I’ve got for producing really quick videos that you can get out to your customers and engage a little bit deeper with them.

I’ve gone out and purchased the Logitech C920 Webcam which is just this device here that you can see. Now I got that recording along with the road-plug caster and these are going into a direct feed and what this really does, which I think is really incredible is, that you can upload directly to Dropbox, you can upload directly to YouTube, to Facebook, to Twitter. It’s really quick editing, so you can attach quick emails.

What I’m using it for at the moment is that I’m essentially producing 20 or 30-second thank you video messages to new subscribers to both the travel stuff and also The Multimedia Marketing Show.

I’m going to show you exactly how I do that en-mass and how quick and useful it is, once you got this set up right. Let’s try and do that now. I’m just going to switch this camera off, just for a second.

I’m ready to shoot again now, so I’m just going to hit Record.

Hey James, Jake here from The Multimedia Marketing Show. I’d just like to say thank you very much for signing up to our community. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, you’re going to get a lot out of it. The podcasts and videos just like this, which we produce on a regular basis. Now, if you need anything at all, just hit Respond, to the email that I’ve sent you. Again, thanks very much for joining up and I hope you enjoy the content.

That’s the first one shot. Really nice and straight-forward.

Let’s shoot another one.

Hey Tim, Jake here from The Multimedia Marketing Show here. I’d just like to say, thank you very much for signing up to our mailing list. Hopefully, you’re liking the podcast and you’re enjoying the videos, but there’s heaps more of that to come. You’ve got all my contact details now, so I must go. My phone number, my email address, if you ever need anything, just let me know. I’m here to help in any way that I can. Again, thank you very much for choosing to sign up and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

That’s two very quick ones. They get sent to a Dropbox folder, which I’ll just show you now. Let’s send our three videos. I’m going to hit Record again here, so I can continue looking at video while I do this. We got the three videos there. They get saved in a Dropbox folder.

What we can now do is head across to our inbox. Now, this, of course, is not my normal inbox. This is all our new subscribers. I’m getting roughly one a day and maybe a little bit less, a little bit more some days. I would suggest that I’ve got enough capacity to record up to 10 per day in less than 10 minutes. Even at that many subscribers, you’re going to be able to connect really good with your audience.

I’ll show you. This is Streak. This is like a CRM system in your inbox. I’m going to record a video later to show you how I use it for managing the podcast, bringing on guests, etcetera, etcetera. That’s really cool. The best way to make sure you receive that is to sign up over on the website.

We’ve got our video shot. What I’ll then do is I’ll just jump in here and I’ll rename them. I’ll rename them. This is James, nick-name Face. Tim. That’s fantastic. Just share the link via Dropbox. Now it’s not done uploading just yet. What you would normally do is that you treat your video, go and grab a coffee, and by the time you get back, your upload is going to be up. Essentially, we’ll just pretend that it’s already there now.

That’s it. I’m just going to close. I’d send it off to who I wanted to send it to.

What I can do here—again another feature of Streak is you can drop in some nice little preformatted emails. That’s it. We’re pretty much done. That’s one done. I would then go back and do the next one. It’s really straight-forward, really quick. I guess you really do connect on a much deeper level with your customers.

It’s pretty early days for me. I haven’t sent a lot off, so I can’t give you totally the results in terms of signing up, they’ve fantastic; however, I have had a number of replies in the last couple of days to this and they’ve been very positive. Actually, the emails I’ve received have been quite in-depth. That, I think, is quite positive because I normally wouldn’t receive those.

Jump into Streak, pop that in there, and away you go. Time we send that one off. As you can see, it is super quick; it is really easy, but imagine the surprise that your subscribers are going to get when they get a personalized video message from you. The quality is really high, that it’s super quick, so that’s fantastic.

Thanks very much for watching that. I hope you enjoyed it. If you do enjoy it, I would love you to share this content with people who you think would also like it. I’m trying to build a much more engaged community and I’d love to share it with as many people as possible.

Thank you for watching and I’ll speak to you again soon.

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