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Facebook Custom Audience Sync

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Today we’re announcing a brand new (and possibly the most powerful to date) integration with Fuzed.

Facebook Custom Audience Sync


With this new integration, you can keep any segment of users from your marketing automation platform in sync with a Facebook Custom Audience.

Custom Audiences are one of the most powerful features of Facebook Ads. Using custom audiences, you can target your website visitors and CRM contacts by uploading a file of their email addresses or phone numbers.

Fuzed puts this process on autopilot, syncing contacts in your marketing automation platform with Facebook Custom Audiences, saving you having to do it manually and results in you being able to use Custom Audiences more efficiently.

The integration currently works with ActiveCampaign, AgileCRM, Drip, Infusionsoft and Ontraport with ConvertKit and Intercom coming soon.


Here’s how we’ll be using this new integration at Fuzed:


  • Excluding existing customers from our Facebook marketing campaigns, which reduces wasted ad spend.
  • Using Facebook Ads to assist with onboarding new Fuzed users. Our ads campaign mirrors our existing onboarding campaign and helps ensure our new users are completing setup and getting the most out of Fuzed.
  • For our monthly users, we’ll use Facebook & Instagram ads to encourage either switching across to yearly plans or upgrading their accounts when they are getting close to the limit of their existing plan.

Facebook Custom Audiences are powerful. They are also very easy to setup and manage, particularly with the Fuzed Custom Audience sync.

Learn more about the integration here.

How will you use this new feature?

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