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Meetings are important, don’t let them slip away

Fuzed Syncs your Timetrade/Google Calendar with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, and Active Campaign so you won’t drop the ball scheduling or following-up on meetings

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Automate the booking, scheduling, and follow-up of all your meetings

automatically scheduling meetings

First, Google Calendar syncs with Time Trade or Schedule Once

Using Timetrade/Schedule Once you provide your clients with your available time slots, and they choose one. It takes a few days of back and forth email to find the right time for both parties. You want this meeting, make it easy for your client to set one up.


prepare for your meeting

Then, Fuzed integrates with Google Calendar

…giving you the power of Infusionsoft/Ontraport/ActiveCampaign so you can automatically send out emails to remind clients to set a meeting with you, provide pre-meeting information, and follow up after the meeting is held. When you have a busy schedule, you can spend the whole day jumping from meeting to meeting – and even when you’re not in a meeting, you’re still constantly reminding yourself to prepare for the next meeting and to follow up after that. Fuzed automates this process, lowering the cognitive cost, and frees up your mind to think about new projects


tags help you set up automatic emails

What’s the magic behind this? Tags.

Use Infusionsoft to tag clients and put them into your automated sequences. Applying a tag sets off a trigger in Infusionsoft/Ontraport/ActiveCampaign to stop a sequence of emails and to start the next sequence. You can apply tags to clients who are interested in meeting with you and set parameters so that every action your client takes puts them into to the right sequence, moving them further down the sales cycle or further down your delivery cycle.

Is this hard to setup?

Automate the booking, scheduling, and follow-up of all your meetings

If you’re already using Timetrade/Schedule Once and Infusionsoft/Ontraport/ActiveCampaign then you’ve already done the leg work to set this up. All you need to do is click a few times in fuzed to connect them, and think about the typical cycle for all the different types of meetings you want to automate. But, if you’re not already using these tools, you can still be setup in less than an hour.

Taki Moore

"Fuzed solves a bunch of problems for me and my team. Fuzed is a 5 minute job... once. It allows us to instantly segment without having to do anything. It saves us hours and hours every month."

Taki Moore

Coach Marketing Machine

Mike Bernsen   "The scheduler integration is amazing. Being able to connect something like Timetrade and have it ping Ontraport to run automation of that has been huge. Definitely something that we've been missing that Fuzed has brought to the table."

Mike Bernsen


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