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Personalise Your Webinars and Profit

Fuzed let’s you personalize your message by integration GoToWebinar with Infusionsoft, Ontraport, or Active Campaign so you setup a unique pre-webinar sequence and automatically segment registrants based on attendance.

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Trying to close a sale from an in-person meeting? that’s so last year

One meeting tons of people

Increase Attendance

Increase the number of registrants who show up to your webinars by sending them personalised pre-webinar follow up emails. Combine emails, SMS, voice broadcasts to get your message across.

Automatic Follow-up

Post Webinar Segmentation

Automatically add your registrants to a post webinar sequence, dependant on whether they attended or not. You can even add them to a sequence based on how long they stayed on your webinar.

Automatic Re-engage

Automatic Re-engage

Use Fuzed and the marketing automation platforms to track each customer’s reaction to your webinars, and automatically follow up the right way. Use individualized stats to know whether they’re ready to buy or need more content, and set sequences to re-engage with them right away.

Want To Learn More About This Feature?

Join us for live training where we will show you best practice for setting up a webinar that converts and show you how to integrate Fuzed. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions.

Reach more and hear more

Reach more and hear more

With a connected GoToWebinar, your customer’s interest levels are logged so you just simply invite (they will automatically be reminded to join), present (their viewing time will be logged), and learn (get feedback based your presentation and move them down the funnel)

Taki Moore

"Fuzed solves a bunch of problems for me and my team. Fuzed is a 5 minute job... once. It allows us to instantly segment without having to do anything. It saves us hours and hours every month."

Taki Moore

Coach Marketing Machine

Mike Bernsen   "The scheduler integration is amazing. Being able to connect something like Timetrade and have it ping Ontraport to run automation of that has been huge. Definitely something that we've been missing that Fuzed has brought to the table."

Mike Bernsen


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