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How To Use Wistia With Fuzed

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Fuzed allows you to integrate Wistia with Infusionsoft & Office Autopilot to automatically send targeted follow up messages to your subscribers based on their viewing patterns.


The Full Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you how to use Wistia with Fuzed to trigger actions inside of Office Autopilot and Infusionsoft. Let’s get a little bit of context about these. As you’re well aware, Wistia allows you to track viewer data and you can see exactly how much a video a viewer has watched. Not only that, you can see if they watched any other videos. One of the features of Wistia is the ability to tag users with an e-mail address. This is done by passing a URL variable through the link just like this. This part here is what tells Wistia to tag the viewer with that particular e-mail address.

This is what we can access via Fuzed to check against an existing record in either Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft or create a new record and trigger an action within those apps to send out a sequence of either e-mails or tasks, etcetera. What we do with Fuzed is very, very simple in fact. Once you’ve got your services connected, all you need to do in Fuzed is go and create a new service. Give your service a name. I’d recommend a really descriptive name so you know exactly what you are looking at when you’ve got a list Fuze has created.

In this video, I want to be able to track Multimedia Marketing Show subscribers watches the video on the Pan Australian Travel contact us page. The purpose of this particular sequence in my example is anytime a known Multimedia Marketing Show subscriber watches the video on the Pan Australian Travel contact us page, I send them an e-mail just saying, “Is there anything I can do to assist? Here’s my direct number. Give me a call whenever you like.” It’s getting quite intuitive and it’s just being present and being top of mind when you’re already on the user’s mind.

It is a matter of connecting Wistia, choosing the video you want to connect, selecting action which is percentage viewed. Now with Wistia, we can select the percentage viewed of the particular video. You can set it as an equals to the exact percentage, above a certain percentage, or below a certain percentage. In this example I am going to set 1% which essentially means I want anybody who watches the video to go ahead and have the tag be applied. The action service is either Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft.

Essentially, these will operate in the exact same way. For this example, I will use Infusionsoft. Select your action which is add a tag to a contact. Now, these tags will actually trigger the sequence. You can do one of two things. You can choose an existing tag or you can go ahead and add a brand new tag which is as simple as just typing the name of the tag you want to include there.

In my example, I’ve already got a tag set-up. Once you have done that, all you need to do is click update Fuze. What that will do is create your brand new Fuze. Fuzed will then go ahead and every five minutes automatically check for new view records for these particular parameters and if anything is found it will trigger the tag to be applied inside of Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft.

Now as you can see this is super simple to set up and is realistically only limited by your imagination. On a final note, there is one thing you need to remember and that’s always to tag your users. Now, you can do these in one or two ways. If you’re e-mailing just a direct person, you can force these codes straight into the link that you are sending.

If you’re looking to e-mail your subscribers in Office Autopilot or Infusionsoft, this can be achieved through replacing the e-mail address you see here with a merge tag in your links inside your campaigns in Infusionsoft and Office Autopilot and in your broadcast messages. Below this video you will find all the details about the merge fields you need to use and how to set that up.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to submit a support ticket.

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