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Engage with Users Based on How They Interact With Your Wistia Hosted Videos

Fuzed allows you to trigger campaigns, sequences and automations based on how users interact with your videos. You can set parameters for “Above” “Below” or “Between” a defined percentage watched.

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Collect fresh leads

WordPress Plugin

The Fuzed Wistia WordPress plugin tracks your logged in users (perfect for membership sites) and passes their email address automatically to ALL Wistia videos on your site.


Examine granular analytics

Google Drive and Dropbox Integrations

Connect a nominated folder in Drive or Dropbox with a Project in Wistia, and anytime you add a new file to your folder, Fuzed will upload it into the Wistia Project automatically.

Apply what you learned and steer

Advanced Project Based Video Tracking

With a Fuzed Premium account, you can choose to target a specific video for tracking or you can choose to automatically track ALL videos within a nominated project. Saving you time.

Thanks man, you guys rock.

For the record, our funnel is absolutely CRUSHING specifically because of the Fuzed automation... we're driving FB ads like crazy and making $4 LTV (plus!) for every $1 we spend on traffic.

We used Fuzed to fire one of 56 different custom email sequences based precisely on WHERE a lead stops watching our video funnel, as a way of pulling their attention back in and re-engaging them.

We sell software (combined with services) so I know how much of a grind squashing bugs can be. Thought you'd like to know how much we dig your service and how our biz profits from it. Of course, like everyone else, we never get in touch when it "just works".

Thanks Jake!

Peter Shallard

Founder, Commit Action

How long does it take?

Stand out and get attention

In less than 10 minutes you will have your Fuzed integration setup and ready to go. All that’s left is to setup your campaign inside your Marketing Automation Platform.

Taki Moore

"Fuzed solves a bunch of problems for me and my team. Fuzed is a 5 minute job... once. It allows us to instantly segment without having to do anything. It saves us hours and hours every month."

Taki Moore

Coach Marketing Machine

Mike Bernsen   "The scheduler integration is amazing. Being able to connect something like Timetrade and have it ping Ontraport to run automation of that has been huge. Definitely something that we've been missing that Fuzed has brought to the table."

Mike Bernsen


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